The Girl Who Broke the Rules by Marnie Richie


So I caved and got a Kindle, wasn’t 100% sure I wanted one or even needed one. Then I started to see that the authors I collect do extra books for Kindle only and you can get books for free, also going on holiday was going to mean a suitcase full of books! So i took the plunge and got one, this is the first book I’ve read via one of these so it was an experience, I still love proper books but I can appreciate the convenience of one.
The Girl Who Broke the Rules is a crime thriller and has all the hall marks of the next Jo Nesbo, it was a great read and it was a bit dark like all these novels seem to be.
There appears to be a serial killer on the loose who doesn’t confine himself to just one global location, he also doesn’t appear to have a clear motive. The people that are being killed are sex workers or men that are doing cheap labour to even a child, the one thing they do have in common is they are all illigal immigrants!
George a girl who is studying for a Phd in psychology has been asked for her imput by the brooding Inspector Van den Bergen. They are both attracted to each other but trying not to let that come between them and the case. Many others are brought in to help on the case including pediatrician Sabine who you get to know throughout.
Can the case be solved and are the people that are supposed to be helping be the perpetrators of these heinous crimes?
Well worth a read by any crime thriller fans.


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