Shrill by Lindy West


So I’m going to admit that I was sceptical when I was given this book to read, mainly because of the tag line, notes from a loud woman, and because I was non-fiction. I have nothing against non-fiction its just that it has to lure me in and I have to find the subject interesting.
However once I started to read this book I felt it touched a part of me that I dont think I realised existed until I saw them written on paper.
From the start it was very candid and open about how it feels to be fat and how the world perceives that, the rest of society shouldn’t have an opinion on your body but it does and that is wrong. So this was what the book was about, standing up and being counted…shouting No this isn’t acceptable from the top of your lungs in the vain hope that the world just might change one day and not be so vile to one another!
Its a great read for women of all shapes and sizes as Lindy truly fights her own demons to fight ours. I only have one criticism and that is her celebrity references are not relevant outside the US.


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