London Bridges by James Patterson


When I am in need of a hero fix and an easy but thrilling read there is no one better to turn to than James Patterson and the infamous Alex Cross.
London Bridges is the 10th novel in the Alex Cross series and it also sees the return of previous bad guys. While thrilling and captivating, the book isn’t complex and is a proper get down to it good versus bad thriller.
I always feel bad for Cross as he goes through some hard times, is unlucky in love and has the worse cases imaginable. He also has the best family to fall back on what with nana mama and the kids, I think i miss nana as much as cross if I stay away from the seires for too long.
Cross is on a much needed vacation when he gets the call that a town have been completely vaporised and a man named Wolf is taking the credit.
The Wolf says he intends to do it again if his demands are not met, but who is the Wolf and why does no one know what he looks like?
Alex Cross must figure all this out and find a way to catch him before more people are killed in horrific explosions across the world, not to mention Cross thinks the Wolf has an inside man!
Great book for crime lovers, easy to grasp a good relaxing read.


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