No One Left To Tell by Karen Rose


A must read for all romantic thriller fans, this book is full of murder, lies, corruption and romance in equal measure. Not only do you hope the characters solve the crime but you also hope that they find love amongst all the death.
A family convinced that a loved one has been jailed whilst innocent hire PI Paige Holden. When the woman she is working for us brutally murdered Paige knows there is more to this story than she originally thought.
The killer, unsure if Paige was just a heroic bystander or knew more about the dead woman and her family, starts trying to remove her from the equation too putting Paige in grave danger.
Determined to get justice for the faimly Paige refuses to give up the case even thought her life is in danger!
Along the way Paige meets some very nice people and some rather more distasteful ones, can she manage to solve the crime and find love at the same time?
This book has a fantstic plot and was cleverly written. I couldn’t work out the mastermind behind it all which made the book even better to read.



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3 responses to “No One Left To Tell by Karen Rose

  1. I read Karen Rose – Have you seen her it was OK… I will definitely try this one

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