Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey


This book was a christmas present and I have got to say, it is such a beautiful and bitter sweat read.
Maud is very forgetful, she forgets everyhing including her daughter but she can’t get past the idea that her friend Elizabeth has gone missing.
Noone believes the poor old forgetful woman and some even laugh at her or are rude, which makes the book so sad and painfull but true to life.
Throughout the book we follow Maud’s tangle of memories and confused notes and hear stories from her past, all the while she is convinced something is wrong.
Maud might be confused and forgetful but she just might solve a mystery thats 70 years old as a broken heart is hard to forget!
Such a wonderful book, it was hard to look through the eyes of someone who struggles to remember everything especially if someone close to you has been affected by the same thing, however it was also nice to see the world through that perspective and see how frustrating and upsetting a life like that might be. For all the books power it’s an easy read and such a great tale, I recommend it for anyone who loves a great book.


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