Faces by Martina Cole


I usually consume Martina Cole books within a couple of days, I enjoy the edginess and the brutality of her stories…..However I really struggled with this one and I took me well over a month to read!
The story if you got into it was good but it was SO repetitive which got boring after a while, it then also meant that I had switched off whilst reading and then missed a crucial bit that I had to then reread.
As with all Cole books it revolves around the brutal lives of people who want to be gangsters or ‘Faces’ and will literally stop at nothing to get what they want.
Full of foul language, murder, rape and torture these books are not for the easily offended, however if you love a hard hitting gangster book then Martina Cole is the answer. Unfortunately this time she got it wrong but rest assured the other books of hers I have read have been a good read.


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