The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter


This is the third book in the Alice in Zombie Land series. Aimed at young adults, but still very much a good read for everyone.
I would definitely say that it is worth reading the books in order as they follow on from one another and may not make sense otherwise.
I am not usually into zombie books and I often find young adult books too juvenile but these books are great, they get the story done without using bad language.
I do get frustrated with the amount of sexual tension between the main characters Cole Holland and Ali Bell and I wish they would just get down to it, but of course they don’t go into any detail!
The story is mainly about the great fight between good and evil and whether good always wins. In that repect these stories are good because it builds up tension and doubt as to whether the outcome is the one the reader wants.
A great read for all ages!


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