NYPD Red by James Patterson


NYPD Red is another new series from the master James Patterson and I can’t say often enough how amazing he is as an author.
Many people slate his books for being too dramatic and unbelievable but my argument is, you brought the book knowing it was a fictional story with every right to be as thrilling as a movie so then do not complain that it isn’t believable!
Rant out the way, die hard Patterson fans will adore this book. Its full of drama, excitement, murder and utter delusion,  a fantastic crime thriller.
NYPD Red are a team of elite police and detectives who are tasked with protecting the A list of New York, so when a couple get murdered in a short space of time NYPD Red are called to save the day. Detective Zach Jordan and his new partner Detective Kylie MacDonald are the lead on this crime spree, only one snag is they used to be lovers!! Can they work together to solve this crime before this maniac can eliminate all of the A list in the city?!
Fantastic read for James Patterson followers and for people who just like a good book.


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