The Faithless by Martina Cole


Well what a fantastic book, so great in fact that I read it in three days! As I have said before Cole’s books are not for the sensitive natured or easily offended as her books are gritty and dramatic and real.
This book has a fantastic plot to it and the way the story unfolds is extremely clever, as a reader I have never felt such hatred for someone fictional as I have for Cynthia Taylor! I felt real aggression and anger towards this woman, which I felt was a sign of a well designed novel.
The Faithless is about the criminal underworld and the life and rules they all live by. However one of the main characters, Cynthia Taylor seems to think that she can play by her rules! Without a tought or compassion for anyone around her she is determined that life should be lived according to her.
Quite a long book at 513 pages, but it doesn’t feel like that at all when a story is this gripping. I strongly urge you all to read this book, it is fantastic!


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  1. So true, when you have strong feelings about a character, it says really good things about the book!

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