The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo


The fith book in the Harry Hole series, and definitely worth reading in the order they are meant to be read. Whilst they make sense on their own, there is a couple of themes that run throughout the series and make more sense in order.
The book is a fantastic read, I love them because the main character isn’t an amazing cop, he isn’t great at life in general but he is honest and he gets the job done which makes Harry Hole a much more relatable character.
The Devil’s Star sees young women murdered in what looks like random events until it turns out they each have one thing in common, on their bodies has been left a red diamond in the shape of a five pointed star. Can Harry figure out who the killer is, whilst attempting to sort his own life out before he hits rock bottom!?
Well worth a read for those of you who enjoy a good, long crime thriller.



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2 responses to “The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo

  1. Jo Nesbo never fails. I love this book.

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