Mr Mercedes by Stephen King


A bit of a change from the norm for King, instead of horror and all things weird this book is an intense suspence thriller. It is also epic! It doesn’t seem to matter what genre King writes he just seems to hit it out of the park every time.
The novel is about an old case that hasn’t been solved a man Brady Hartsfield, drove a Mercedes into a group of people killing a few, he managed to get away with the crime but instead of laying low he wants to taunt the people who let him get away! Retired detective Bill Hodges is one such person, but if Brady thinks the retired detective will just take the taunting he has been sorely mistaken.
Mr Mercedes follows the twists and turns of a truly cat and mouse tail. We meet a few other great characters along the way and between them all had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see who would prevail.
A change from the usual King pace but a fantastic read none the less…it was also one I could read at night without nightmares!


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