Doctor Sleep by Stephen King


This is the highly anticipated sequel to the epic novel The Shining and I have to say it was worth the wait.
For those that have read The Shining you will remember a young child by the name of Daniel Torrance, well he is the main character of this book and is all grown up.
Dan thought he had freed himself of the evil of the Overlook hotel but it turns out that evil is drawn to that place and these monsters are much worse than before! Monsters or vamires this group the True Knot feed off of children with the shining in the most horrific way possible.
Dan doesn’t know anything about this until a young girl reaches out to him for help, Abra Stone has the strongest shining of all, and is being hunted by the True.
Can she and Dan put their powers together to save Abra’s soul?
A fantastic read, yet again praise for the fantastic King.


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