Step on a Crack by James Patterson


This is the first novel in the Detective Michael Bennett series and I have to say, I enjoyed it very much.
Some of the reviews said that it was too far fetched from reality but after reading it I have some of my own opinions; one is that most of the police work and the crime were totally believable and two if you don’t like slightly unrealistic books then don’t read fiction. Books like these are designed to captivate, provoke thought and emotion, to do that they strech the truth and manipulate events to fit their plots so if you are going to complain make it about a bad character or plot line not it’s authenticity!!
Right sorry guys rant over. The book is good and I am looking forward to the next one in the series.
Michael Bennett is a Detective who is called in to handle hostage negotiations after a cathedral and it’s occupants are taken captive, whilst doin so he has 10 adoptive kids to look after and his wife is terminally ill. Step on a Crack has great plot twists and seems to have created another loveable character in Bennett.
Well worth a read.


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