The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson


The Big Bad Wolf is the 9th book in the Alex Cross series and I have to say I cannot get enough of him. The series is epic, it has me hooked I love some of the characters and I violently hate some of the others, and to me thats the sign of a good series.
While this wasn’t the catchiest plot in the series I still really enjoyed the read and it prepares me for any references made in the next book, I feel like each book keeps me up to date with Alex Cross’ life and the other main characters.
This is the first book after Alex has made a big change in his life and because of this I feel that there wasn’t enough of Sampson, Cross’ best mate. I seriously hope the next book has him in it more.
The story in this book is that people are going missing, in a underground world of buying people for money. Can Alex and the team figure it out before the kidnap victims all end up dead? And can Alex deal with this and the return of Christine!!
A nice and easy read.


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