Point of Origin by Patricia Cornwell


Point of Origin is the next book in the Kay Scarpetta series and while I have enjoyed them hugely this one has let the series down a bit. These books would not make much sense if read out of sequence so whilst reading them in order I feel there is no need to keep rehashing previous events, even when an old nemesis returns! I also felt the book didn’t need to go into as much detail about helicopter flying as it did, and could have focused more on the main plot of the story.
Other than these criticisms the story was good, it was exciting to see the return of an old foe and maybe get some closure for characters and readers alike. Who knows if we have finally seen the last of Carrie Grethen!
The main aspect of the plot flows well and is full of suspense as things become personal when Kay and the others realise Carrie is back and all is not as it seems. Some parts are sad while others have you on the edge of your seat, I just wished it had been more plot less repeated events.
Worth a read as a means to carry on the series!



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