3RD Degree by James Patterson


As you can guess 3rd Degree is the third book in the Women’s Murder Club series and while I loved it I do have one major gripe I need to get off my chest. I wish the front of the book han’t announced that 1 of the murder club was going to die, I then spent the entire book trying to guess who it was going to be instead of just going with the flow of the plot.

Other than that I relished this book as much as the first two. The strong independent female characters really stand out to me and the fact that they  fight crime is even better. 3rd Degree introduces a couple of new characters, namely Deputy Director of Homeland Security Joe Molinari. He is there to help with case and possibly become Lieutenant Boxers newest love interest, which is great, who doesn’t enjoy romance along with their murder.

This case is about home-grown terrorists ‘August Spies’, who have major plans for San Fransisco. They seem intent on causing destruction and mayhem in the name of protest. However not all the ‘August Spies’ seem to be working toward the same agenda. Can Lieutenant Boxer and her band of merry men or women solve the motive for these killings in order to locate the leader and stop all this anarchy.

A great story well worth a read. The story has a complex plot flows together to make it an easy read.


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