2ND Chance by James Patterson


As numerically stated this is the second book in The Women’s Murder Club series and this one is as good, if not better than the first. After solving the Honeymoon murders Lindsay Boxer is now Lieutenant Boxer of the San Fransisco Homicide division. With her new title comes just as much chaos and criminality, could this be another case for the murder club?!

When a group of black choir children are shot at on their way out of church the police think it is an unmotivated racial crime. However with the aid of Claire, the police soon realise that there was a target after all. Then with the aid of Cindy the police force learn that this might not be the first in this killers killing spree.

With the help of the San Fransisco PD and the Women’s Murder Club in full force can Lindsay solve the crimes before the body count rises again. Along side the case the four best friends have personal issues to deal with not to mention the return of Lindsay Boxer’s father who she hasn’t seen in years!

Is everything as it seems? and with time running out can Lindsay muddle her way through all the dead-end leads onto the real story behind the crimes.

I love a gritty James Patterson story and I love strong female characters so this series is just great as it combines both of those things, other than that I think it has a great plot and is gripping from the start. Well worth a read.


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