The Cipher Graden by Martin Edwards


This is the second book in the Lake District set and I was previously mistaken in saying that the stories do not link together because they do. The crime to be solved is different yes but the characters are the same and quite a few over lap from the previous crime into this one.

Again this book took an age to pick up pace but was an easy to read crime thriller, once it had picked up the pace it was a good read. The Cipher Gardens main characters DCI Hannah Scarlett and historian Daniel Kind I do find a little bit lack luster and unimaginative, one is a cold case investigator and the other is just really nosey so you can guess who solves the crime each time!

I don’t want to be to disparaging of the book because I liked the easy read and the plot overall, I just prefer my characters to have a bit more charisma, power, charm I don’t know just something more that what these gave me.

In order to solve an old crime Hannah must try to sift through the fact that at the time there where many suspects and all of whom seemed to have an airtight alibi. Now she faces the issue of the same old resentments being dragged up from the past and everyone keeping just as quiet as they did before.

A good, easy to read detective story with quite a good plot and a sharp twist that many won’t see coming.


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