Just After Sunset by Stephen King


Just After Sunset is a collection of short stories from one of my favourite authors Stephen King. It was relatively easy to read as the stories within weren’t very long but as an avid King reader I felt I was missing out on his usual detail and fantastical twists. Some of the stories within this book I which were longer and others I didn’t like at all, a bit like a bag of sweets some you like others you don’t.

A couple of my favourites were the Gingerbread Girl and Mute but my winner out of the entire collection was N. Its a complex story which is hard to describe without ruining the magic for future readers but I full of neurosis and all things King, I was glad it was slightly longer than some of the other stories and I think King could have extended into a full book on its own.

After reading N I looked it up online because in my head the story had struck a chord with the Dark Tower series, however according to what I could find this is not the case but it was made into a miniature series which I have not watch but apparently the entire series only lasts for 30 minutes as some sort of campaign.

Well worth a read as a new Stephen King enthusiast to ease your way in to the heavier and weirder stuff, even a good read as an established fan but bear in mind its short stories so King doesn’t have the time to weave his usual magic.


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