The Coffin Trail by Martin Edwards


The Coffin Trail is the first book in the Lake District Series, even though it’s called a series I don’t think any of the books carry on the story so they make good reads in whichever order you read them in. This one is quite a short read at 350 pages and I felt it took quite a while to pick up pace and develop characters. Having said that, once the story had gotten going it was great, it had a fantastic plot and an even better twist at the end, I found I couldn’t solve the crime before the story told you who it was which for me made it a good book.

The Book is as the series suggests and is set in the Lake District and revolves around the cold case review of a murder committed some time ago, many of the locals are happy to let sleeping dogs lie but for DCI Hannah Scarlett and newcomer to the Lakes Daniel Kind that is not an option. Having asked a few too many probing questions Daniel stirs up the past and ruffles a few feathers things start to take a turn for the worst. The killer has gone unnamed for so long that they are willing to kill again in order to keep the past where it should be.

With people unwilling to speak to the police or frightened into lying in their statements can the police figure out who the murderer is before any more lives end up at risk? A great read, like I said slow to get off the ground but once the momentum had built up the suspense was great and the mystery was enthralling.


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