The Killing Room by Richard Montanari


This is the first book I have ever read by this author and while I think it was a good read, I felt it had the potential to be a lot longer. The plot itself was great but could have been fantastic with a few more twists, better detailed murders and more personalised characters.

The book is part of a series about the two main characters detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano whilst they work through homicides in Philadelphia. The Killing Room shows two detectives facing a strange and seeming motive less murders, all the victims are found inside disused churches. This killer is trying to make a statement but can the detectives work out the message before more people are murdered.

The book’s plot has religious themes throughout but it doesn’t over do it or force any one particular religion down your throat, if anything I found that it enlightened me to what extreme religion can do to someone! The quote on the back is apt for the entire story “…If you believe in God, you’ve got to believe in the devil”.

Whilst not as in-depth for me as some of the books I read, people who prefer the less gruesome and realistic side to crime should definitely give this book a try.


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