Hippo Eats Dwarf by Alex Boese


This is a fantastically funny read, from the author of Elephants on Acid comes the tale of all things fake. Hippo Eats Dwarf is so titled because of an urban legend in which a circus dwarf met an unfortunate end when he bounced into a hippos mouth!

The title of the book is just setting the president for a variety of fakery and shenanigans that occur throughout the world, throughout various social topics and throughout the passage of time.

Some of the categories include food, death, photography and many more. Each chapter also includes a reality check at the end, giving the reader a chance to see if they believe various situations or not. All the answers are revealed so you are not in any suspense.

I am not willing to give any more away as I believe in this instance less is more, all you need to really know is that this book is a great collection of the truly strange and definitely unreal. Worth a read.


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