Spare Brides by Adele Parks


Spare Brides has taken me ages to read, it’s not an overly long book but I seemed to find it hard to get into. The story seemed to take a while to pick up pace which is unusual for an Adele Parks novel, even though I have said this the book is still a charming and sentimental read.

Spare Brides is a novel about love and romance in the 1920s just after the war, it tells of loss and sadness that the women whose husbands never came home feel. It talks of anger towards the men who returned and it talks of the men trying to find love and work after they returned damaged and hurt by the fighting.

We meet a variety of characters throughout the book but the main five are Ava, a happily single wealthy party girl, Sarah an unhappy widow who believes she can never replace her husband, Beatrice who has never had the chance to shine, Lydia whose husband came home from the war so she is the happy one right? And last but by no means least damaged, wounded, angry Edgar Trent.

This book even though not fast paced or full of action was a telling tale of how life might have been during that time, it was a great era to write about as many of the younger generation will never understand what it was like, and this book give us a tiny glimpse of that. A charming read.


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