Friends & Rivals by Tilly Bagshawe


Now I am a huge fan of Tilly Bagshawe and I have to say this book might just have been the best yet. It was full of excitement and drama yet still managed to be quite romantic and sweet, it was like a fairy tale with a kick ass attitude.

The book is quite lengthy at 453 pages but I feel in this instance it allowed the reader to develop their own opinions of the characters that the author had laid out, it gave the reader’s time to pick who they where going to side with at any situation and gave you time to decide who you did like and who you hated.

The story is about the dynamic between business partners Ivan Charles and Jack Messenger, wife of Ivan and good friend to Jack Catriona Charles, photographer to the rich and famous Lex Abrahams and of course the famous Kendall Bryce who throughout this book is certainly the cat among the pigeons!

This story will make you angry with certain characters, it will make you feel sad for others but on the whole this book will make you happy you took the time to read it. A perfect book to put in your beach bag or to take on holiday, it is the epitome of holiday reading the right side of trashy and the right side of romance, perfect!


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