Wednesday’s Child by Peter Robinson


As usual this is the next novel in the DCI Banks series, whilst I have said that the other books could be read as stand alone novels this one is better read within the series as it makes quite a lot of references to past cases. I don’t think this is done deliberately as a means to get you to read all of the books, it is done to add context and for those who do read the books in order it allows us to cast our minds back to when we last saw the character the book is referring to at the time.

Wednesday’s Child is also the first episode of the DCI Banks TV series I watched and I have to say whilst it was actually a very good program the book of the same name is completely different and holds a slightly darker topic making it better in my opinion. The main topic is the only thing that is the same in both cases, two social workers turn up at a house and insist they have to take the child away due to reports of abuse, slowly it becomes apparent that these people are not who they said they are and the child has been kidnapped!

This leaves Banks and his team to figure out who might have had the nerve to pull of such an elaborate scheme, whilst trying to get the child back alive. Banks is faced with nothing but problems from the start as the council estate the child was taken from isn’t very willing to talk to the police and the ones who are, well Banks is sure they are lying to him.

A great read from crime fiction fans, I must warn you however that to ground the book in reality the author makes reference to the moors murders. Robinson doesn’t go into detail or make any light-hearted comments about the situation but some other reviews I have read are not happy with their fiction being marred with horrific facts.


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