Past Reason Hated by Peter Robinson

past reason hated[1]

Past Reason Hated is the fifth novel in the DCI Banks series, and I must say the characters get better with every book. This novel sees the entrance of some new characters like DC Susan Gay which is good on two levels, first of all she is a woman and I like a good female character and Susan shows promise of being just that and secondly it shows that the fictional series is moving along making it seem more real, as with real life people move on or get promoted so in the fact that after five books the author has had a shake up of characters makes the series more believable and true to life.

Past Reason Hated is a good read, not overly long but full of intrigue and plot twists. just when you think you have found the killer something else happens to make you question your own logic.

The book centers on the apparently motive less murder of Caroline Hartley, DCI Banks originally wonders if it could have been a lovers tiff and suspects her partner Veronica Shildon but as Caroline’s past slowly emerges it becomes a difficult task for Banks to find one motive let alone one killer! Can Banks unravel the secrets of Carolines past to solve the mystery of who killed her and more importantly why.


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