The Hanging Valley by Peter Robinson


Oh what a tangled web we weave, should be this books tag line! The Hanging Valley is the fourth in the DCI Banks series and I have to say it is as complex and exciting as the previous three. I hasten to add that these books don’t have to be read in order but I have personally as I feel it builds up the characters and any on going stories better.

In the Hanging Valley DCI Banks is sent to Swainshead to investigate the murder of a man found in a place called the hanging valley, the man is difficult for Banks to identify seeing as the victim was found missing his belongings and his face!!! As the investigation progresses, without much help from the locals Banks realises that this case might just be linked to another murder and the disappearance of a young woman five years ago.

Can Banks and his fellow officers solve the case or cases without the help of the locals? Without much evidence to go on will DCI Banks not only be able to solve the case but solve it with enough evidence for a conviction!

This book is a good read, Robinson lays out all the suspects early in the case so as a reader you can try to solve the mystery yourself. At only 324 the book isn’t hard to devour in a short period of time, I would recommend giving Robinson a read if you love crime fiction.


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