The Sinner by Tess Gerristen


The Sinner is the third book in the Rizzoli and Isles collection. The series is great even though I haven’t read them in order, I have found myself becoming attached to the main characters. It does help that both characters are strong females and have great jobs, the book developes them over time so I would suggest reading them in order just to save confusion.

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Maura Isles embark on another twisted and chilling crime, this time it is an attack on two nuns. The duo find it hard to believe that anyone would break into a convent to attack seemingly innocent victims, unless there was a motive! When another body turns up missing her hands and feet, Rizzoli and Isles start to uncover the horrible truth and that the price of secrecy is often too high.

Can the team discover who is behind the crimes and why before the killer has completed their mission and vanished for good? Meanwhile each character has their own personal issues to deal with, trying to be a strong female in a male dominated environment means that these women seem to find dealing with emotions difficult. The two of them together are an unbeatable force and they are developing a strong bond along the way.

A great read, Gerritsen delivers every time. Crime thriller fans everywhere, she is the author to look out for!!


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