The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me


Listen up readers, this book is being reviewed by me for realreaders before release to the public. It is out on the 19th June 2014 and I have to say you need to own a copy of this!

First of all let me get my one gripe out of the way, hopefully this will have changed before commercial release but I would like to point it out anyway. Throughout the book there are a number of grammatical errors and on page 218 the chapter finishes on a comma which then leaves the chapter not finishing properly as the reader can tell the sentence is unfinished, please let me no if you have the same issue!

Anyway back to the great stuff….This book is so good, it had me laughing out loud with the turn of phrase used or the way a certain sentence was constructed, it was just so typically British which touched me as me and my family say things like the book does. It had me cry with grief and anger for the main character Sally Howlett and it had me full of hope and joy at her courage and her strength.

I sort of saw this book as a kind of modern-day fairy tale and to me that is how it is going to stay. It’s a good size book at 488 pages but it is a page turner so the book just fly by. It would be a great holiday read as it relaxing, charming and fun, however maybe read the sad bits with your sunglasses on!!


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