Keeper of the Bride by Tess Gerritsen


Throughly great read from Gerritsen, Keeper of the Bride is not a big novel but it certainly grabs the reader by the throat and doesn’t let go!

The story is about Nina Cormier who is jilted at the altar on her wedding day, thankfully so, as the church explodes just minutes after the ceremony was due to start. The police believe the bombing to be an act of sheer criminality until the jilted Cormier is targeted again, this time she is nearly run off the road by another car and an unknown aggressor.

Can the police solve this case before the madman finishes his task or will the fact that Detective Sam Navarro is falling in love with the victim cloud his judgement and put them all at risk?

The tension between Nina and Sam starts off quite charming but becomes very irritating, in a humorous way, due to all the procrastination that occurs between them throughout the book.

Keeper of the Bride is a great thriller, it has everything if not more. It has murder, suspense, romance and a hell of a lot more definitely worth a read.


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