Career Girls by Louise Bagshawe


A great book from Bagshawe, for those of you who love a book full of sex, strong female characters and love then this is the book for you. When I say this book is full of sex I mean there is loads of it so for readers who aren’t keen on too many scenes of a sexual nature then I would give this one a miss.

A lot of reviews that I read for this book criticized it for not being about feminism because it had too much sex and too many powerful men in it, but from my standpoint it was quite a feminist view as the two main characters Rowena Gordon and Topaz Rossi become the most powerful women in their respected fields, who enjoy quite a lot of sex. No one ever said that feminists should actually hate men or romance so I do not think this book detracts from that. In fact the book also shows that career women can have it all, love, sex, marriage and family, and a glittering career whats not to love.

The book follows Topaz and Rowena through a fantastic friendship, bitter rivalry and the rest that comes with pushing yourself to the top of your career. Topaz wants to be the best journalist there is and Rowena wants to be renowned for her career in the music industry, can these women manage to turn their dreams into reality?

Great read from start to finish, it would actually make a great holiday read.



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