Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult


Right first and foremost I would like to get my only gripe about this book off my chest so here goes, Sing You Home is supposed to be accompanied by a musical element. I thought this was a strange and unique idea, basically each chapter is accompanied by a piece of music all the reader has to do is look up the chapter on a specific website or scan the QR code next to the chapter in order to listen to the relevant piece while reading. unfortunately for me in the five days it took me to read the book not a single piece of music worked, every time I went to the website I was just told “sorry there was an error with your request”. So my basic gripe is if as an author you are trying to do something different it might be an idea to make sure it works whenever readers what to try it.

Ok so that little rant over I have to say this is yet another good book from Picoult, she writes What would you do? type books where the beginning of the story poses the dilemma and the rest of the book tries to figure it out or solve it the best way possible. Most of her books also end in court at some point enabling the reader to see both sides of the argument at once. The stories are highly evocative and evoke emotions within me that I didn’t know I had.

Obviously which way you take the book depends on the readers outlook in the first place so for me Sing You Home, about an ex-wife becoming a lesbian and wanting babies and an ex husband who has discovered religion and claims that on the grounds of being gay his ex-wife is an unfit mother. I am not a very religious person so the religious rantings that kept happening really started to annoy me and the fact that the church also felt it was ok to lie to get what they wanted, even in a court of law. Throughout this book I was very much on the side of the same-sex couple who I believe should be allowed to love, to marry and to procreate with each other, I am very much on the side of equal rights for same-sex couples but this book really highlighted how many people still are not!

Sing You Home is a great read, a little slow to pick up pace but that may have been the long chapters. Definitely worth a read, it certainly makes you think about what you would do and how you would feel in that given situation.


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