Thinking of You by Jill Mansell


Another great read from Mansell, the characters of this book are so well-developed that as a reader I felt like I actually knew them as people. I felt their pain, their happiness, their exasperation and I also felt anger and joy on their behalf.

The main characters of the book are: Ginny Holland, her daughter Jem, her best friend Carla, her ex husband Gavin , and new love interests Perry and Finn who all stumble through the story of misunderstandings, humorous accidents, betrayal and love to hopefully find their way to that happy ending for everyone.

With her daughter Jem away at university, Ginny has to find something else to do with all this free time she suddenly has so she finds herself a job, a lodger and a new relationship with the handsome Perry.

Is Perry too good to be true? and should Ginny be looking for love a bit closer to home…….Finn her new boss is very attractive!!

This book is a great feel good read, it’s an uncomplicated romance that is fantastic for anyone who is an avid reader of romance and chick lit novels. This one is well worth the read.


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