Nadia Knows Best by Jill Mansell


Nadia Knows Best is a cracking novel from Jill Mansell, from the outset it’s funny, charming, sad and romantic all rolled into this great book. It’s all a really easy to read book, a genuinely romantic book that is uncomplicated and easy to understand. I am a huge fan of all Jill Mansell’s works of fiction.

The main story is about the trials and tribulations of Nadia Kinsella and her family. The book leads us through their everyday lives, their loves, their hates, their troubles and their mistakes! Nadia comes across as quite the all rounder where as her sister Clare is so easy to dislike throughout most of the book and Tilly the youngest seems quite sweet and naive.

The story had me laughing along with them in this great story of will they won’t they? And when I say will they won’t they I mean Nadia and love interest Jay Tiernan, who meet right at the start of the book whilst stranded in a snow storm, however it takes until the end of the story for Nadia to decide what she wants…….. Jay or boyfriend Laurie!

Fans of romance will just have to read the book  to find out who Nadia chooses in the end. A great bedtime read, praise again for Jill Mansell.


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