Nemesis by Jo Nesbo


Another great read from Jo Nesbo, what can I say other than this book is so complicated and well written that it didn’t take me long to read the 697 pages of story. Yes the story is extremely complex but who in all honesty wants their crime novel to be simple, simplicity is for romance novels.

Again the main character is none other than my good old messed up detective Harry  Hole. This time he is back on his home turf in Norway trying to solve the mystery of a bank robber and murderer, whilst trying to keep himself out of trouble when an ex lover of his turns up dead and he was the last man to see her alive……or is he? Harry’s problem is that on the night in question he has completely blacked out and cannot remember anything.

Nemesis follows on after The Redbreast but it could be read as a stand alone novel, if the reader doesn’t mind events being refered to that won’t make any sense. This is a great read, not only did it capture my imagination it also held my concentration throughout the entire book which is often had to do.


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