Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo


Cockroaches is the second book in the Detective Harry Hole series, however along with The Bat it was one of the last ones to be translated to english. In my opinion these where the last two because they take place in different countries, as it seems the other Hole books are also part of the Oslo series which is where they are all set.

This book is a great read, it is about the original maverick detective in my opinion. Harry Hole gets results even though he is an alcoholic a drug taker and a blatant ignorer of the rules, Hole also like the ladies. He is a good main character for me as he isn’t the typical hero, he gets his man every time but not with the fairytale ending of most books, throughout the book people get hurt or killed, including Harry Hole which makes him a good character.

Again in Cockroaches Harry faces the murder of a Norwegian Ambassador in Bangkok, officials want it solved quickly as he was found dead in a brothel but once Harry is sent to investigate he will cover every angle, even if it shows a series of cover ups, pedophiles, corruption and general skullduggery on the part of some important people. Hole cares only about catching the bad guy regardless of who he upsets, this book is a good read from start to finish.


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