The Bat by Jo Nesbo


The Bat is the first novel in the Detective Harry Hole series, for some reason however it is one of the last ones to be translated into english. I don’t think that it matters if you read them in order as my first taste of Nesbo was The Redbreast, which I have previously blogged about. I will probably read the series in order now though as it gives me as a reader a better sense of the main character.

The Bat is about an Australian murder which Harry has been sent from Norway to help investigate. The reason he has been sent to help is that the victim is a young Norwegian girl who was staying in Australia at the time of her unfortunate demise. Unfortunately for Harry things are never quite as they seem and the story twists and turns in every direction, one minute you think the murderer has been identified, only to find he hasn’t but people close to the investigation and Harry may know more than they have originally said!

Considering this book wasn’t originally written in english I think it holds up well to being translated and it doesn’t seem to affect the flow of the story at all. Also for a first book in general it is very well written, I personally enjoyed the little aboriginal stories that the book was peppered with, they gave it a nice touch.

I have to say for any avid crime fiction reader Jo Nesbo and the Harry Hole series are worth checking out!


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