Seven Minutes to Noon by Katia Lief


Katia Lief originally wrote this book under the pseudonym Kate Pepper for those of you who recognise the title but not the author. Seven Minutes to Noon is quite a short book but is full of detail and sweeps the reader into the pain of the story.

Quite a good read from start to finish the book draws attention to the people who are left to deal with the aftermath of a serious crime. It shows how Alice Halpern, whilst pregnant, deals with the death of her best (pregnant) friend, the police investigation, the normality of everyday life and caring for the rest of her family.

Alice also has to deal with the fact that whatever happened to her best friend Lauren might happen to her too as she soon realises that she is being followed. As her life changes from simple and fun into unhappy and dark can Alice managed to keep her life and her family together whilst the police find their culprit.

The book isn’t to graphic or dark but it is insightful and realistic which makes it an excellent read. Katia Lief aka Kate Pepper has written some great books, would suggest that thriller and horror readers give her a try.


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