Don’t Tell by Karen Rose


This is a fantastic book from Karen Rose, she is one of my many collected authors and I have to say I haven’t read a bad book from her yet. Don’t Tell is the first book that Rose wrote and I have to say it was well written and the story line well thought out even for a first novel, it is easy to see why she has gone on to write so many books.

Don’t Tell is a harrowing look into the world of domestic abuse and the women and children left to deal with it on their own without help for years. Mary Grace Winters is the main character of the book and I must say her character was strong and determined and so well written that I connected with her immediately. Her story told here in this book, whilst fictional, still upset me as it probably will most of its readers.

The only way Mary Grace knew of saving her and her son from her husband was to fake their deaths and assume new identities – Caroline and Tom Stewart, unfortunately her husband finally realises their disappearance may not have been and accident and he begins the search to find her…..and make her pay for stealing his son away from him. Can anyone help her before her husband finds her and hurts her again?

A fantastic read from start to finish, the book is full of sadness, anger, pain, love and hope so for those of you who enjoy a good variety of everything this if a book for you.


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