The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison


I have been asked by Real Readers to read and review this book by A.S.A Harrison. To begin with I hadn’t heard of this author let alone this book so I did some research into both, I discovered that the author had passed away before the book had been published and that it took her roughly ten years to write. Before writing this piece of fiction Harrison was known for publishing works in the non-fiction genre.

Now on to the book its self, it is described as a psychological thriller but as an avid reader of this genre I have to say that this book is not that at all. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the story and it was well told I just don’t think it had me gripped with fear or on the edge of my seat scared of what might happen next.

The book is a little dark in places, especially when it intimates at a sordid past for one of the main characters. The Silent Wife is based around the marriage of Jodi and Todd who in their own ways are damaged people, so being together can only rush toward a disastrous end. You know from the blurb that she, Jodi, becomes a murder and he, Todd, becomes the victim all because of the self destructiveness of their characters. She seems a little psychopathic but hides it well and he is a serial cheat who doesn’t hide it at all!

The book isn’t too long at all and is quite a good read, I would definitely suggest that my follows give it a try.


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