The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King


Technically this is the eighth Dark Tower Series book but it is meant to be read between book four, Wizard and Glass, and book five Wolves of the Calla. It is a sweet interlude into Roland the  Gunslinger’s past  whilst he and his Ka-tet wait out a storm known as a starkblast.

This book is perfectly fine to be read as a story by  itself as it doesn’t really pertain to the main series, other than the characters. Personally I enjoyed the book as it showed a nicer side to Roland and was a lovely journey into the depths of a world Stephen King created eight books ago.

The plot of this book is of Roland telling his  group about a quest he partook in as a young gunslinger, and part of this tale involves him recounting a story his mother used to tell him as a boy. The book is two tales in one which are interwoven quite nicely and so for me as a reader I couldn’t decide which I liked most as they were both lovely in their own way.

I would definitely recommend all King fans and Dark Tower enthusiasts to give it a read,  it’s not overly long and it’s even decorated with a few illustrations.



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2 responses to “The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King

  1. Wow, I didn’t know he wrote another Dark Tower book. I loved that series. Will check this out. Thanks 🙂

    • I keep tabs on what stephen king is writing through as it has all the books he has ever written and any books he has comming out in the future. I hope this helps to

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