Firestarter by Sephen King


It all started with poor student’s participating in an experiment only known as Lot-6, not much was known about the drug so when the experiment goes wrong it doesn’t take long for the government sector The Shop to shut it down and cover it up! A few years later The Shop figure out that participants in the Lot-6 experiments have developed certain mind powers and decide that if they can be a useful tool in maintaining America’s freedom then they can live, albeit under Shop supervision, and if they can’t be of use then they are to be destroyed.

This is where we meet the McGee family, husband and wife Vickie and Andy took part in the experiment all those years ago and both developed physic powers and Andy developed more of an ability than his wife, but it is neither of them that The Shop are after. They are after their daughter Charlie because she developed the greatest power of the entire family, she could set things on fire by just thinking about them or getting upset and angry.

The story follows the life of the McGees through their attempts to lead a normal life and eventually their attempts to avoid capture by The Shop. This is another great book by King, it has you hooked from the start and he makes the reader want to know how things are going to turn out. A great read.


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