The Business by Martina Cole


Another good book from Martina Cole, the story its self is great and Cole spends time fleshing out the main characters of the book making them easier to picture, however throughout the book this becomes a little bit repetitive because certain points are said over and over again making the book harder to read than it should be. Other than that and the ever present bad language that some readers find offensive the story is of great quality.

Cole is known for her books revolving around London’s criminal underworld and she does a good job of painting a fantastic picture in the readers head. The stories are hard to bear witness to and are deadly serious filled with gritty characters, lies, deceit, murder and every once in a while love and The Business is no different.

The Business is about the Dooley family and how a few choice decisions by the main character Imelda can shape the outcome of everyone’s lives. Imelda hasn’t a care in the world for anyone but herself so when she finds herself in a difficult situation as a teenager she does the only thing that she is good at and lies to save herself. Her poor decisions set the marker by which everyone around Imelda has their lives altered irreparably, and to the consequences of her actions Imelda has no regard.

A good book to read as it shows the reader the lengths that some people will go to to remain in their own little world. I recommend giving this one a read.


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