One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern


Another fantastic book from the author of P.S I Love you. Cecelia Ahern has done it again in this brilliant and magical story called One Hundred Names.

The story revolves around Kitty Logan and how she has made a mess of her journalistic career, the plot weaves its way through sadness and a kind of dislike for her at the start. However when Kitty is given the chance to redeem herself and her career you come to like her as a character, as she meets some great people who have a wonderful story to tell her. Kitty soon realises that this final story may not be about her at all but about giving a voice to a list of 100 ordinary people who were written in a list found in her editor’s desk.

This story is magical and had me on the verge of tears a couple of times, not because it is sad but because it was nice to read about totally nice people  for a change. This book could have easily been longer than 327 pages as the story just flew by, I found it hard to put down and was disappointed when I completed the book in three days. This is a great christmas read, another fantastic book from Ahern.


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