Darker Angels by M.L.N Hanover

Again this book is about a genre that I don’t really read because I don’t particularly like it. Dark Angels is also the second book in the series and never quite makes sense on its own.

The book is about demons that can ‘ride’ in other people’s bodies and other supernatural beings, it is also about one woman and her team of demon hunters.

I cannot say much more about this book because I didn’t enjoy it and at times I didn’t even understand it, but I don’t want to put people off trying it. I should imagine that if you are a fantasy genre buff then you will enjoy this book, and will probably read the series in order.

The main thing that annoyed me about the book was that I couldn’t decide if the book was for adults or young teens, maybe the book its self got confused. The reason I say this is because at moments the book uses expletives and other times it just says “I said something obscene”, either decide to use bad language throughout or not at all for me using half and half is just strange.

I must say that I will not be reading anymore of this series.


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