Guitly Wives by James Patterson

Well, where do I start? This novel is fantastic, from the first page I found it hard to put down and believe me 534 pages just flew by.

Patterson has done it again, this stand alone novel Guilty Wives is full of guilt, lies, sex, betrayal and deception. Each plot twist adds a new dimension to the book, pulling you as a reader further into Patterson’s world that he has created.

The book is about four women who are in a French prison serving life sentences for murder. The main perspective of the book is from Abbie Elliot, one of the wives, she is determined to find out who put her here because she is adamant that her and her girlfriends did not commit the crime they are accused of.

A girly weekend away from their husbands turns into the weekend they will never forget, gambling and partying in Monte Carlo turns into murder and conspiracy.

Can Abbie piece together the puzzle of who framed her and her friends before the death toll rises to high? She must conquer this by herself as the french government and the population of France believes these four women are guilty.

Abbie must utilise all the recourses she has and become a tougher woman than she ever thought she could be, because whoever framed them is determined to keep them quite by any means necessary. Abbie needs to figure this out as soon as possible because she cannot trust anyone, maybe the person guilty of murder and conspiracy is closer than each of the women think!

A fantastic book, well worth a read. Praise, as usual for Patterson.


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