Private Lives by Tasmina Perry

The latest read from Perry is a pure holiday read, it draws you in to the story so well that everything else just seems to fade away. The story is once again filled with lies, sex, power and money and in the world of media law no scandal is too large to cover up!

The story revolves around media lawyer Anna Kennedy, who is brilliant at stopping celebrities indiscretions appearing in the press that was until she meets Sam Charles, a hot-shot actor who she cannot protect.

Whilst trying to protect Sam Charles’ reputation as well as her own Anna stumbles across a huge scandal. A scandal so huge that powerful people are prepared to do anything to cover it up! With one girl already dead can Anna fight her conscience enough in order to piece together the story that has been so well hidden, possibly exposing the people she thought she knew in the process.

This book is such an easy read without being so simple that it’s boring, the book is complex and intriguing on every page and will have you hooked from the start. It is another fantastic book from Tasmina Perry, well worth a read.



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