Perfect Strangers by Tasmina Perry

If you enjoy the thrill of Jackie Collins then you will adore the novels written by Tasmina Perry, they are fantastic, full of sex, drama, lies and corruption and all in this one explosive story.

Perfect Strangers focuses on the life of Sophie Ellis and when her rich and famous lifestyle goes out the window she must find another way to make ends meet. Becoming a personal trainer on the spur of the moment seems too good to be true especially as her client invites her to house sit her million pound house after a just a few weeks. Things seem to be going so well so quickly for Sophie as she ends up having a fling with the charming and handsome Nick Cooper.

When Nick is found dead in his hotel room Sophie realises she is now the number one suspect in the polices eyes. Then she gets followed and attacked by strangers, it becomes apparent that Nick wasn’t the man she thought he was. Can Sophie figure out what is going one before she gets arrested for murder or killed by strangers!

In her pursuit of the truth Sophie runs straight in to the unwilling arms of Josh McCormack, but can she trust him anymore than she can trust anyone at the moment. Throughout the story Sophie must uncover truths that she may not want to hear about her family and about Nick the man she thought she had fallen in love with.

Money is a fantastic motive for murder, greed, revenge and deceit but is it really worth everything, including your happiness and sanity?

This book will have you gripped from the beginning, definitely worth a read.


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