Roses are Red by James Patterson

This book may possibly be the most complicated Alex Cross novel yet, it is full of intrigue, upset, anger and fantastic plot twists. Roses are Red has been well thought out and keeps the reader guessing right until the very last page.

As the sixth book in the series I have grown to love the character Alex Cross and his family, especially Sampson. I also thought by now I would be able to tell who to trust and who to be careful of so I was totally shocked by the turn of events in this book. If you have been following the series too I can imagine you will be just as shocked.

Detective Cross is faced with a new and intriguing kind of psychopath, one who is committing bank robberies and gruesome murders and one who is apparently clever enough never to leave evidence behind. This maniac might just be Crosses downfall as every lead in the cases leads the detectives further and further into a web of mystery and lies. Can Alex and his team solve the mystery before more people are hurt and killed.

This novel is definitely worth a read, and for Alex Cross lovers you are in for a huge shock. For crime fiction enthusiasts this book is also a great read so give James Patterson a shot.


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