Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson

This book is the fifth in the series from my favorite fictional crime fighter, Detective Alex Cross. Of course there are the other infamous characters like nana and the kids and best of all Alex’s partner Sampson, together they make a wonderful team of support, love and crime fighting.

This series of books are fantastic and although they could be read as individual novels I would strongly suggest that they are read in order, otherwise references to certain criminals or facts from the past may not make any sense.

To not give the entire plot away, as I promised my followers at the start, I cannot say much as the whole basis of the book is so intrinsically woven that saying anything could jeopardise a readers surprise, horror, love, sadness and outrage that the book inspires in the reader.

It is safe to say that as usual Alex Cross faces his most horrific criminal yet, one that doesn’t care if he is caught! While facing the usual politics within the police force can Alex and Sampson, among others solve the case and bring the culprit to justice.

Pop Goes the Weasel is a good read as you know who the killer is from the start, for me it makes the story real as you can see just how Alex unravels the clues and the crimes.

I am a huge fan of James Patterson and would suggest to all who like crime novels to give the Alex Cross series a read!


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